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Our Process

The process of refacing cabinets generally involves the following steps:

  1. Consultation and Product Selection:
    A cabinet refacing specialist will perform a walk-through assessment of your current cabinets. This includes taking measurements, providing you with available options, and design guidance if needed.
  2. Removal and installation:
    Your existing cabinet doors, drawers, and hardware will carefully be removed to allow the installation of new veneers, hardware, and accessories.
  3. Preparation of the cabinet surface:
    The cabinet surface is cleaned, sanded, and repaired where necessary. Ensuring new veneers will adhere properly.
  4. Installation of new veneers:
    Your new veneers, made from one of several available materials, are then installed on the cabinet surfaces using the necessary adhesive required for that specific material. The veneers will be shaped and trimmed to fit precisely on your cabinet boxes.
  5. Installation of new hardware and accessories:
    Once the new veneers are in place, your new hardware, and accessories (which include hinges, handles, and pull-out shelves) are installed according to your initial design preferences.
  6. Installation of cabinet doors and drawers:
    Your new cabinet doors and drawers are installed. Adjustments are made to ensure perfect function and fit.
  7. Finishing touches:
    Your newly refaced cabinets will be cleaned and polished for a cabinet transformation that provides an entirely new look to your kitchen.
The process of refacing cabinets is typically faster and less disruptive than a full cabinet replacement and can be completed in a matter of days rather than weeks.

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